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4.3   (2,454)


Putrajaya Wetlands Park (Malay: Taman Wetland) in Putrajaya, Malaysia is believed to be the largest constructed freshwater wetlands in the tropics. It is the first man-made wetland in Malaysia, which includes a Wetland Park (138 hectares) and the wetland areas (1977 hectares).

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What to Expect?

Putrajaya Wetlands consists of 24 wetland cells, Wetlands Park (Taman Wetland) and the other Wetlands areas. The Wetland now is also a wildlife sanctuary which attracts a huge variety of animals to the combined terrestrial-aquatic wetland environment.

Several species of local marshland birds and water birds including the little egret, the little green heron and cinnamon bittern, and migratory birds form Northern Hemisphere have been spotted there. Binoculars will come in handy for bird watching. The visitors can also enjoy a leisurely walk, jog or cycle along its bicycle track.

Putrajaya Wetlands are considered Putrajaya's kidneys that play an important role in ensuring ecosystems in Putrajaya are balanced through natural water filtration of 2 major rivers flowing into Putrajaya, the Chua and Sungai Bisa along with 3 other rivers.

Wetland Park has the largest man-made freshwater wetland in Malaysia and Tropics.

In Wetland Park there is a Center for Nature Consciousness as an information and education center on wetlands to foster public awareness about wetland's functions and interests.

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Look Around


 Address:   Presint 13, 62000, Putrajaya, Putrajaya

Everyday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Cycling Tracks

Comes with bicycle lanes for some family cycling fun

Jogging Track

Jogging track for parents too

  Reviews 4.3   (2,454)
  • image

    Izanur Farhanim

    3 weeks ago

    A great place for weekends recreational activity with family and friends. They provide bicycle rental service rm10/hour. The scenery is nice I went for a breath of fresh air in the morning so it was refreshing.

  • image

    Generie Chew

    2 months ago

    Is a Big Park and Free for entry. However there is too many high voltage cable near the park..So that you wouldn't feel relax during you be there. Recommended Shah Alam Botanical Gardens, there is a great places 👍 Although you need to pay some entry fees (The fees is let them maintain the park so it is acceptable)

  • image


    5 months ago

    Very lovely park with a lot to do, can just walk around with the family, have picnic at the park area, feed fish at the lake area, look at flamingo and duck at the lake area. Nice place to ride bicycle , the area is very big, but can get a little hot mid days. Bring umbrella and wear comfortable clothes for an enjoyable day.

  • image

    Lylian K

    5 months ago

    Wonderful mirror lake view. Perfect for picnic and cycling around. With flamingo, swans, stokes, grease etc to watch.

  • image

    SYi Chang

    7 months ago

    Ah i missed the presence of nature and birds! Very nice place with good routes, water and trees. New discovery for me, never realised we have such a wonderful serene place in the city.

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