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Audi Dream Farm    

  Audi dreamfarm 145, MK B, Sg.Rusa, 11010, Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang | Visit Website |   012-499 9099
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3.6   (1,077)


A mini farm that grow nature growing and non-toxic chemical added plants and a petting farm with tame animals like camels, deer, goat, birds, pigeons and more!

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Tags: Animals

What to Expect?

- The only place to get a Camel Riding Experience in Penang!
- A mini zoo with different types of animals on the farm
- Spend your day with your family and interact with the animals
- “Hands-on Activities” such as planting experience, animal riding, traditional home made, Malay traditional batik painting and more.
- Kids friendly and allow they to learn while having fun

If you are up for exploration, they offer day tours that will give you an extraordinary experience of the beauty of Balik Pulau, a place filled with local village culture, authentic food, and craft workshops.

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 Address:   Audi dreamfarm 145, MK B, Sg.Rusa, 11010, Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang

Visit Website Facebook Page

012-499 9099

Everyday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  Reviews 3.6   (1,077)
  • image

    Tan Jun Wei

    a week ago

    High recommended place! Visited this place as a Singaporean tourist and enjoyed the experience. Fed a variety of animals and got to see the camel.

  • image

    TL Heah

    2 weeks ago

    Good place to try feeding and get close to farm animals. Owner must have spent a lot of effort to set things up.

    Available animals - rabbits, goats, one camel, horses, pigeons, other birds, and fish - catfish and koi.

    Too bad no one was around to explain on the farming and the plants. Horse and camel riding available

  • image

    Benjamin Ping

    2 weeks ago

    Been there a few times. It was one of my favorite places to visit in Balik Pulau. Went there again today and was shocked and disappointed at how run down is the place. The fish pond has no fish. The duck pond has no duck. The whole place is kinda poorly managed.
    Probably it’s due to shortages of manpower. Honestly, came here with excitement but left with disappointment. Quite a waste that such a nice place has turned into such sorry conditions. Not recommended at the moment unless some improvement takes place.

  • image

    Sre Prakaash

    3 weeks ago

    The place was very badly maintained. Animals were without food and water. They looked so skinny and were literally begging for food when they saw people walking towards them. The camel was tied up in a very confined space with no room to even lift his head up. I saw the workers there giving injections to the rabbits and Guinea pigs and just throwing them into their enclosures (Again very small cages). And I mean they actually threw them in their cages. Saw another worker kicking a goat just for fun. I don’t even understand why are they running this place if they don’t have any intention of caring for the animals. Very sad to see the management here.

  • image

    Tay Hui Cheng

    2 months ago

    Small little farm with animals whose conditions are visibly poor. Rabbits whose skin are infected and matted. Horses who are skinny and one of them even lying down with no energy to even eat what others are trying to feed. Really heartbreaking to see their condition in this state. Even the veggies sold to feed them are dried and old, not even fresh veggies. Please stop abusing these poor animals for the sake of business. It is not good education to the young ones as well.

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