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Big Red Strawberry Farm    

  Brinchang, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang |   05-491 3327

Places Near To Big Red Strawberry Farm

106 m

Cactus Valley

  •     4.0   (996)

Cactus Valley is a botanical show garden nestled on a hill slope overlooking Brinchang town center, featuring a large collection of cacti, flowers and ornamental plants of various shapes, colours and sizes. The park can be reached quicky on foot from anywhere in Brinchang town. The valley boast of having one of the most variety of cactus plants, some as old as 60 years.

697 m

Farmers Arcade Cameron Highlands

  •     4.1   (1,369)

A more popular nursery complex among the crowded farms in Cameron Highlands, this farm offers a while range of interesting plants and produces at affordable wholesale prices, with restaurants that offers meals, fresh pastries and desserts to visitors.

958 m

Time Tunnel, Cameron Highlands

  •     4.0   (2,384)

Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands is a fascinating museum in Brinchang exhibiting a vast horde of memorabilia, artefacts and collectables from the past.

1.3 km

Healthy Strawberry Farm, Brinchang

  •     4.0   (1,507)

A small but popular farm, offering a wide range of beautiful plants and fruits. Visitors can also puck their own strawberries here, and sample desserts in their cafe.

1.7 km

Golden Hills Weekend Night Market

  •     3.9   (9,306)

The famous Cameron Highland night bazaar is the shopping attraction that begins as early as 4pm. Visitors can find native products comprise the bulk of bargains, including fresh crops, strawberries, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and many others!

2.0 km

Cactus Point, Brinchang, Pahang.

  •     4.0   (3,297)

More of a retail nursery, Cactus Point is one of the best places you can go to see how Cactus is grown and perhaps take home with you. As the name implies, you will be able to find everything you need to know about cactus under one roof.

2.3 km

Parit Fall

  •     3.2   (521)

One of the two waterfalls that can be found in the Cameron Highlands. Compared to Robinsons Fall it is the smaller one, it has tranquil cascades, accessible via a moderate paved walking trail.

2.5 km

Kea Farm Market

  •     3.9   (4,719)

Kea Farm is an agricultural district in Cameron Highlands. Open daily, traders set up retail stalls from morning till evening - a great place for families and visitors to experience farm market and seize bargains on fresh crops including strawberries, corn, greens and fruits.

2.5 km

The Sheep Sanctuary

  •     4.2   (1,855)

Nestled within Cameron Highlands is a small farm that is home to fluffy and incredibly adorable sheep. Visitors are able to feed, pet, touch, and take pictures with the sheep.

2.5 km

Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm

  •     4.1   (1,472)

Raju Hill is one of the well known strawberry farms in the area. Entrance is for free and visitors can get a free tour of the strawberry field and the actual processing plant, which is one of the most remarkable sights of Pahang.

2.6 km

Cameron Highland Butterfly Garden

  •     3.8   (3,292)

Butterfly Garden is a live insect gallery and zoological garden located at Kea Farm, nestled along the main road 3km after Brinchang town. One of Cameron Highland's oldest tourist attractions, Butterfly Garden features a large enclosure erected along a hill slope that contains butterflies and live insects displayed in aquariums.

2.9 km

Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm

  •     3.7   (2,257)

About 5km away from the town center, this is one of the better honey-themed attractions in the highlands, this working apiary has landscaped flower gardens where you can watch bees buzzing around hibiscus flowers and there's a little museum explaining how the sweet stuff is produced.

3.0 km

Rose Centre, Cameron Highlands

  •     3.8   (185)

Located in Kea Farm not far from the town of Brinchang, Rose Center is one of the ideal places to visit where you can find many types of flowers - most notably roses!

3.1 km

Agro-Technology Park Mardi Cameron Highlands

  •     4.1   (4,613)

This is a 42 acre park which is known to have almost 100,000 visitors every year, and is divided into six major areas the Herb Garden, English Garden, Rose Garden, Orchid Garden, research centre and an information centre. It was created by MARDI and served as the oldest research centre of the country.

3.1 km

Robertson Rose Garden

  •     4.4   (251)

Mrs. Robertson's Rose Garden is a lovely floral terrace garden situated in Sungai Palas, Cameron Highlands. The garden is set on a hilltop and its ten-levelled terrace offers amazing views of the scenic surroundings. The Robertson Rose Garden boasts of a variety of more than 100 different species of roses alon with other highland flora and flowers like carnations, camelia, sunflowers and salmon hibiscus trees. There are also vegetable patches and cactus pots.

3.2 km

Mossy Forest

  •     4.4   (2,345)

A not-so-secret hidden gem of Cameron Highlands, Mossy Forest is a lush area in the highland forest where moss has encapsulated the landscape. Given its elevated position at 2032 metres above sea level in Mount Brinchang, the chilly and moist atmosphere makes it a perfect environment for exotic plants such as moss, ferns, spices, and orchids.

3.9 km

Robinson Falls

  •     3.6   (258)

Located in the town of Tanah Rata, the Robinson Falls is one of the few popular places to visit if you like the gushing sound of water flushing down the rocks and enjoy some time in nature along the way.

4.0 km

BOH Tea Centre

  •     4.3   (4,487)

The famous tea farm that offers scenic views as well as a visitor center with a cafe, gallery & souvenir shop.

4.8 km

Cameron Valley Tea House 2

  •     4.1   (4,407)

Cameron Valley Tea House KT 2 is one of 3 tea houses owned by Bharat. Located in Tanah Rata, this is the biggest among the 3 branches - with a tea house offering tea and desserts, overlooking the tea farm that visitors can roam for unique experience.

4.9 km

Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm

  •     3.7   (413)

The Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm is an apiary cum mini bee museum where visitors can learn more about how honey is produced and the benefits of honey consumption. You can also buy various honey products here.