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4.1   (1,486)


Located beside the Kuah Jetty, Lagenda Langkawi Park in a beautifully landscaped folklore-themed park. The 50-hectare compound houses a collection of colourful statues, stone carvings and cultural displays depicting the mythical tales of Langkawi.

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Tags: Historical Picnic

What to Expect?

The 50 hectare Legenda Park is dedicated to the legends of the island of Langkawi, with views of Kuah Bay and the famous Langkawi Eagle Sculpture. This open air ‘garden museum’ faces the Kuah Waterfront, where tourists can get a beautiful wide-angle view of the Kuah Harbour with the famous Eagle Square in the background.

The park was first opened in April 1996 and is located next to Eagle Square in Kuah. The whole idea behind creating such a park is to offer a recreational parkland to the residents and tourists who can come here to enjoy vast stretch of landscaped gardens with many fruit trees and plants that are local to the island, have a family picnic and learn the many legends of the island that are now intertwined with so many tourist attractions and places.

The entrance to the park is through a Gondowana stone wall. Gondowana (also known as Gondowanland) was the ancient southern super-continent that eventually broke up into South America, Africa, Arabia, Madagascar, India, Australia, and Antarctica millions of years ago due to plate tectonic movement of the earth. The wall signifies that the islands of Langkawi were also formed due to such earth movement.

Legenda Park has sculptures and themed gardens retelling the many folk stories which are part of the local culture. One of those stories is the tale of the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. The legend is that a heavenly Princess came to earth to bathe in the lake and a young Prince who saw her fell in love and unsuccessfully tried to win her heart. The unsuccessful Prince sought the help of a local shaman who advised him that the way to make the Princess fall in love with him was to rub her face with mermaid tears. In order to procure mermaid tears the Prince lured a mermaid into the lake with a golden ball with which the mermaid was so preoccupied that she did not notice the tide receding. The mermaid’s tears were collected in the golden ball when she cried as she drowned in the lake having been rendered unable to return to the sea.

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 Address:   Kuah, 7000, Langkawi, Kedah

Everyday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  Reviews 4.1   (1,486)
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    in the last week

    This is probably one of the "miss-out" spot for tourists. We enjoyed going for brisk walk around the park. You can get quite a good exercise. And one can learn a lot about the mythical aspects of Langkawi as the Isle of Legends.

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    James Tan

    3 weeks ago

    A refurbished park near the Eagle Square. This beautiful park faces the sea and is fairly well maintained. Great place to relax

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    TZE HIONG Jong

    4 months ago

    Nice place for capturing memories (langkawi trip).
    Very3 disappointed not able to buy beer to cool down. Not even vendor machine...

  • image

    dimple Jain

    6 months ago

    Very nice service and the curtains are shining. Person was very helpful and stand commitment. Cost effective 👍😊

  • image

    Nabeela Sarwar Khan

    8 months ago

    Nice and clean beach.. very pleasant to hangout and chill.. but not allowed to swim as there are boats and yachts there.. good place for a photo shoot.. there's also a very nice park there.. not perfectly maintained but still clean and looks nice

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