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4.1   (4,373)


Merdeka Beach (Pantai Merdeka) is a popular public beach with fine views of Gunung Jerai, good recreational facilities and attractions such as its unusual red mudstone and a British WWII bunker.

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Tags: Beach Swimming Historical Picnic

What to Expect?

Merdeka Beach is a seafront area in Kuala Muda District, Kedah. It is located across from Tanjung Dawai, at the estuary of Sungai Muda.

The coast is a popular recreational beach with fine views of Gunung Jerai, good recreational facilities and attractions such as its unusual red mudstone and a British WWII bunker.

The beach is well-known amongst the locals, usually being the place of choice for weekend family picnics and team building, but it is less prominent among outstation visitors.

Visitors can immerse themselves into the crowd at the beach and experience the liveliness of locals having a good time, or find a quiet spot amid the vast stretch of beach front to enjoy a quiet afternoon.

The coast are lined up with shady trees, with one of them being one of the oldest tree around.

In an up-close with nature, visitors can enjoy the tropical sun yet be cooled by the gentle sea breeze. Ample space at the beach means opportunities for group activities such as games and picnic, or simply go swimming in the relatively shallow waters.

Local operators provide water-based activities such as sailing, surting, canoeing, waterskiing and banana boat rides. For more adventurous visitors, island hopping to nearby Pulau Bidan and Pulau Song Song is available.

There is also a food court near the beach for the convenience of visitors to get their meals. The place is famous for its ABC (Mixed Ice), where enjoying the dessert with the sea breeze is quite a pleasure. In the evening, visitors can usually find food stalls along the beach with tables set out.

Basic amenities such as playground, benches, and restrooms are available too.

Pantai Merdeka is also a popular spot to view sunsets. The area has been beautified with a seaside promenade facing a bay known as Teluk Nipah.

Red Mudstone:

While here, don't forget to check out these unique attractions: At one end of the beach, at the foot of a hill called Bukit Penjara, is an unusual rock formation coloured red due to its iron oxide content. Fossils have been found in these rocks which date back 450 million years.

Next to the red mudstone stands a concrete pillbox said to have been built by the British in 1940 to defend this coastline from Japanese landings. Unfortunately, the inside of the bunker is dark and not quite properly taken care of. But still worth a drop by to see this historical relic.

Believe it or not, Pantai Merdeka is the only sand beach in the mainland Kedah, naturally it is the major attraction for beach goers from all over northern Penang and Kedah State.

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Look Around


 Address:   8500, Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah

Everyday 24 hours


Kid's Pools

Wading pools to cool the hot day down


Complete playground facilities for the kids

  Reviews 4.1   (4,373)
  • image

    Zackeos89 Jet

    a month ago

    Good upgrades and new features to the place.. expecting a lot more to come considering the spaces that wasted... but great job to the management..

  • image

    Ahmad Amirul

    5 months ago

    Nice place for family,friends hangout. More facilities and playground has been added for visitors. Can ootd and play, can buy food and drinks

  • image

    Hairul Azwan Ahmad

    7 months ago

    Great place to relax with the family. Lots of exciting games and lots of interesting food stalls. But... provide enough cash (lot of cash 😭) because nothing is free.

  • image

    mohd ahmad

    9 months ago

    good for a picnic with families. not so good for swimming. good size parking space provided. rm1 per entry; thats cheap.

  • image

    Hana 786

    9 months ago

    Nice place to relax,release tension and can take your family there... have playground for kids... nice

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